One other really good website for using technology in the classroom. is the site of an excellent resource for teachers hoping to learn how to add and use technology effectively in the classroom. Included are vast resources for the newbie to the expert. Video tutorials, links to new web 2 tools and a place to start a blog and follow others. What’s even better about Eduteacher? There is a mobile app for your iphone and android too!

Check it out and let me know!

Here are some new links to try out!

Sorry not much info this time. I know that’s lame but got these links from another blogger. Check them out and let me know! – back channel
Qwips app – photo with voice attached to URL -quiz site easy screen sharing site collaborative white board (new to using it) (class web) (online text book) (online ASL dictionary to learn ASL) (think PP on steriods!) (digital posterboards) (upperlevel their portfolios)

I can speak to glogster though. It is a great site to have your students express themselves using multimedia! They can write, post videos, link to videos, record their voice, add pictures and music to a poster that’s totally interactive and engaging for creators and viewers.

Smores is a poster/brochure making web tool. Like glogster, it is engaging and interactive and perhaps easier to use than glogster for younger kids. Features fixed templates for easier artistic flair!

Smart Exchange Shortcut

Thought I should put this somewhere I go to often. It’s a widget shortcut to Smart Exchange.
Works for me, hope it works for you too.

var widget=new SmartExchangeSearchWidget({‘lang’: ‘en’},’smart-exchange-widget-div’);

Class Dojo Behaviour Tracking

Like most teachers, I always believe positive behaviour tracking is the best way to motivate kids to learn. I learned from a sage mentor that a Positive Power Chart at the front of the class was an effective way to encourage students to control their behaviour and get back on task. Now in the 21st century an effective way comes along that really gets my class back on track. It’s called Class Dojo and the beauty of this program, (besides being free!) is that you can customize with your own positive (or negative) rewards. I added a few positive rewards myself for “on task” and  “completed work”. Another advantage is that you can reset the period covered so that you can set a class goal or a personal goal. Reports for each student can be viewed or printed and even the class report can be viewed and printed too. Great for interviews with parents too!

I use it most successfully by displaying the class page on the smart board and using my iphone to add positive rewards. It’s great using the phone because it frees you up from approaching the smart board and allows you the freedom to roam around checking the students work.

Try it yourself! Tell me what you think or how you use it in your class.

Class Dojo

Clipart for your Interactive White Board or Smart Board

Often I find myself needing a math graphic or language graphic that can’t be found in our Smart Notebook Gallery, or there is one but I would need to make modifications. Some of the Gallery tools are just too specific and not generic enough for you to build a lesson from scratch. Here are 2 websites that others have found to be useful.

Clipart Etc from Florida’s Educational Clearinghouse has excellent math clipart that you simply drag from their web page onto your notebook file. After that you can simply add the clipart to your Gallery.  I use this site quite often and I find it delivers what it says it does.

The other website is Here you will find all sorts of great tools sorted by grade. There are even flash objects for you to use in Notebook. Again you can add these tools to your Gallery if you want.

Another excellent story writing tool for elementary students.

Story Maker is an online story making tool for your elementary students. It reminds me of the old “Story Book Weaver” program we used to use on our network 15 years ago or more. Story Maker lets the writer choose the character, characters, background, objects and even some actions in an easy to use interface that provides prompts for those students who always get stuck on what to do next.

Check it out here!

Enviro hypocrisy

Last week I was driving along and the car in front of me was a SmartCar. Interesting I was following this Eco friendly driver and then the driver tosses a cigarette butt out the window. NIMB kinda Eco hypocrite!
See anything like that, then drop a comment!

Ipod Touches, Iphones and other wireless gaming devices in the classroom

Never thought I would say this, another way to engage your students is allowing them to use Ipod touches, Iphones and other wireless gaming devices. (Get your wireless access code for your school.)

They help you;

a) increase their focus and attention because they are using their own personal device

b) increases the ratio of devices and students to almost if not 1:1

c) the learning curve in using an unfamiliar device is eliminated and your students get right into the learning fast!

d) raises the self-esteem of all students when they are successful at using their device for uses other than gaming

e) creates a stronger home-school link, empowering your students to be engaged in learning on their own time, at home, when they want to!

f) doesn’t cost you or your school a single thing!

How great is that?

So how good is the internet?

So I just sold an old bike to a student. Nothing special, except he’s recently from Germany. In fact, he bought the bike from me on Thursday, after only just arriving to Canada on Monday. He found an apartment on Tuesday, checked in with his summer employer on Wednesday and took the bus to my place on Thursday! He needed the bike to be working, because he was going to be riding it back to his apartment using the map he created. I asked him how did he do all this in such a short period of time. His answer?
The internet. He went to a Starbucks near his hotel, used the free wifi to find an apartment, found the directions and contacts for his summer job, checked Kijiji for bike ads (where he found my bike), checked the OC Transpo bus schedules on their website and finally created a map of directions using Google Maps.
Oh, by the way, he gets to use his own cell phone from Germany because he “jailbreaked” his iPhone4 so that he could just buy a sim card here in Ottawa to use his phone for the summer without needing to buy a new phone or pay outrageous roaming charges. Impressive internet!